THe Great Hill Consulting Group Team

You are only as strong as your weakest link. As anyone that has played on a sports team could tell you, this statement is true. We are better because of the people we surround ourselves with and the programs we have for our outstanding team. 

Great Hill Consulting Group...



Giving back to the community is a privilege that we have been able to partake in. Over the years we have donated to a variety of charities both local and national. Some of the organizations we have helped are: Domestic Violence Centers, Operation Smile, Liberty House, Food Banks, Adopt-a-child programs and many other ones. To be able to give back to those that are in need is something that touches all of our hearts. 



We focus our business primarily in the New England area but that doesn't mean we don't like to travel and enjoy ourselves. Some of our favorite spots to go are: 

NYC, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Miami, Phoenix, Charlotte & Mexico 

With clients nationwide we do travel to locations across the country. 



One of our core principles is that we believe in self-development and personal growth. Part of our success is that all our employees from the top to the bottom, believe in mental and physical well being. In order to do this we will often play sports, go on hikes, read books, meditate or have open discussions about self-improvement. 



Snacks. Coffee. Pizza. Ice Cream. 

It's not all about food but who doesn't love food. We also have weekly team outings to get to know each other better and have team bonding events. We also love our local and not local sports teams and can be caught at games depending on the season. 

Meet Some of The Great Hill Team


Ryan (Assistant Manager)

Sara (Sr. Account Manager)

Sara (Sr. Account Manager)

Best beard in the office. 

That's enough right? 

He also plays the saxophone and is a Seinfeld fan. 


Sara (Sr. Account Manager)

Sara (Sr. Account Manager)

Sara (Sr. Account Manager)

Plays basketball and volleyball,

Favorite food is chicken and rice

Favorite Movie is Inglorious Bastards


Jacob (Account Manager)

Sara (Sr. Account Manager)

Jacob (Account Manager)

He's from Epping, NH (we don't know where that it is either in case you are wondering). 

Loves to play soccer and travel 

Favorite Food: Wings.


Louis (Account Manager)

Kelsey (Account Manager)

Jacob (Account Manager)

Won "Office" trivia in Boston with a perfect score. 

Played at TD Garden on the ice when he was in the 1st grade. 

And became bald at 23. 


Kelsey (Account Manager)

Kelsey (Account Manager)

Kelsey (Account Manager)

Favorite Food: Pasta - specifically Shrimp Scampi

(she is the shortest person in the office, too)

Favorite Movie : White Chicks

Loves to exercise outdoors 


Oscar (Account Manager)

Kelsey (Account Manager)

Kelsey (Account Manager)

Favorite Artist : Drake

Spirit Animal : Lion and Gorilla

His goal is to achieve success in all of his life and build an empire.