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The Great Hill Consulting Group Story

Our business reflects the history, tradition and legacy of Massachusetts. Everyone knows New England and Massachusetts for being GREAT in so many aspects. We have great sports teams, great events that shaped our country’s history, great famous figures -- you get the direction we’re going with this. So it should come as no surprise that when Great Hill Consulting Group was founded, we wanted to reflect that adjective - GREAT.

It all starts with the name. For those of you that don’t know, Massachusetts is derived from an Algonquin Native American word that roughly means “at the great hill”. We want our roots to be strong to create a great legacy. They say that when you are given a strong name with meaning, that you eventually become it. So that is where we begin.

About Great Hill Consulting Group

Our Services

Our Services

Our Services


As a consulting firm in the Greater Boston area, we provide large corporations with on the ground marketing and sales teams. 

Our Clients

Our Services

Our Services


We work with some of the largest telecommunciations and technology companies in the nation. 

Our Mission

Our Services

Our Mission


Great Hill Consulting Group is committed to bringing our team and clients the best resources and quality clients. 

For Our Team

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Our Mission


Check out our new section that has all the documents and training decks that you will need to perform at your best! 

Innovative Programs

Want to Learn More About Us?

Want to Learn More About Us?


With the world being what it is today, we are constantly working to improve our process' to model the modern world. 

Want to Learn More About Us?

Want to Learn More About Us?

Want to Learn More About Us?


Check out our FAQ's about us, our training systems and also our current happenings. 


For the Long Stuff.. But it's what makes us great!

Additional Information

Our Mission

Our mission is to emulate and embody the word “Great.”  We help people discover their goals personally and professionally, and achieve their greatest accomplishments through passion, hard work, and development. Our clients will only see the greatest results from us. We expect greatness for all involved with the company, from our newest associate to our senior management team.

Our Vision

The vision of Great Hill Consulting Group is to help every employee be "GREAT" at what they do and to live a "GREAT" life. We are here to ensure every client experiences greatness and we will not stop until we exhaust all of our options. We will bring our clients great results and together, we will grow based on our integrity and quality.

Our Culture 

When you walk into our office, you will not see anything stereotypical about it. Our lobby is not a stuffy, old-school environment, but one filled with electric energy. One of our HR team members will greet you upon entering our office with a warm and welcoming energy. We value interpersonal connection above all else.

We realize that we can’t do this today due to the current situation and that hurts our heart because we love to be able to look someone in the eye and shake their hand to see the measure of their character. 

As you explore our office, you will see that we don’t have any cubicles. Our open floor plan allows for more creativityconversation and collaboration. We believe in open doors and open communication for a positive environment and open dialogue. 

The exceptional employees here at Great Hill Consulting Group separate us from our competitors and make us one of the best places to work in the area. We believe that people from all different backgrounds can find success here. As a company, we will take our employees' unique experiences and then apply them to our client’s needs. And as regular consumers, who better to specialize in consumer relations than our own people? 

At Great Hill Consulting Group, we believe that as long as we work with honestcharismatic, and hard working people, we can develop them to be successful. While we believe that success is can be measured differently based on the individual, we also believe our employees can always work to better themselves. Just like with our clients, once we have accomplished the desired result, we go back to the drawing board and see how we can expand, evolve or adapt to add and generate new business. Once an employee has received a big promotion, landed a large presentation, etc, we look at how we can help them achieve even more past that point.

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When we evaluate as a company the team that we have, we have people that are all similar in mindset and have fundamentally the same core values. In theory through the law of attraction, our team of course would embody these main characteristics. 

  • Hard Working - This. Is. Everything. We don’t have to be the most talented, we know that we will out work our competitors to bring the best results. 
  • Character - If you treat people the right way, consumer, customer, client and employee, they in turn will treat you the right way. 
  • Passion - Why NOT love what you do and where you work and who you are? You can tell when you talk to one of our employees that they are passionate about their environment. 
  • Wellness - Mental, physical and emotional. We pride ourselves in being able to take a look inwards and develop ourselves on a regular basis. 
  • Fun - Not to seem cheesy or overplayed. But it’s true. We like to have fun. 
  • Competitive - Our team loves to succeed. We play to win. Defense is a great option when you need it, but offense is so much more fun. 

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Great Hill Consulting Group specializes in face to face marketing and sales consulting. Our goal is to bring our clients the most customers with the utmost integrity and the best results. 

We acquire our customers through a simplified sales process and that has allowed us to grow and expand to new markets and programs across the United States.